Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley’s Educational Utopia

World-Class Education, Natural Beauty, and Culture in One Compact Region

Thanks to stunning natural beauty, world-class cultural institutions and popular attractions, Pioneer Valley has long been known as a popular tourist destination. However, it’s also gaining long-overdue recognition as a center for education and innovation. Since the region has long labored in the shadow of Greater Boston, this is a welcome development for the thousands of students, knowledge workers and academics who make the Pioneer Valley what it is.

Colleges and Universities Galore

Centered on the legendary “Five College Area,” the Pioneer Valley has seven individual colleges and two major research universities. Whether your youngster is applying to undergrad or you’re looking to go back to school for an advanced degree or continuing-education/enrichment certificate, you can choose from:

•    The University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMass-Amherst)
•    Westfield State University
•    Western New England University
•    Springfield College
•    Springfield Community Technical College
•    Amherst College
•    Hampshire College
•    Smith College
•    and more!

What Program Works for You?

These schools offer opportunities for first-rate technical education, advanced degrees, mind-expanding liberal arts learning and lifelong enrichment. Some of the most noteworthy programs and courses of study include:

•    Tourism and hospitality management at UMass-Amherst
•    Information technology at UMass-Amherst and Westfield State College
•    American studies at Hampshire College
•    Biology at Amherst College

Times They Are A-Changin’

It hardly sounds possible, but the Pioneer Valley’s educational assets look poised to become even more attractive than they are at the moment. UMass-Amherst recently put the finishing touches on a state-of-the-art laboratory sciences building that has already attracted hundreds of millions in investment and will serve as an innovative engine for the greater New England region. Meanwhile, Westfield State recently completed a massive new dormitory complex and is in the process of erecting an impressive science building that could push it into the next echelon of research institutions. All in all, it’s a great time to be involved in higher education in the Pioneer Valley!

Take Advantage of the Pioneer Valley’s World-Class Educational Assets

If you’re not yet sold on the world-beating educational assets available right here in the Pioneer Valley, there’s only one way to find out for sure: Come visit at your convenience! Whether you’re passing through to drop your kid off at UMass-Amherst or simply want to experience the incredible cultural variety of our valley, we’re happy to give you pointers on what to see, when to visit and how to stretch your dollar furthest. Visit us online to learn more.